Black & White - Plasma Storm


Pokémon TCG:
Black & White—Plasma Storm

Team Plasma cards make a thunderous debut in the Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Plasma Storm expansion! The infamous Team Plasma shield and a striking blue border set these brand-new cards apart from other Pokémon TCG cards. Team Plasma Pokémon are always the highest Stage of a Pokémon's evolution, and they work with non-Team Plasma Pokémon—Team Plasma Jellicent will evolve from any non-Team Plasma Frillish, for example.
Black & White—Plasma Storm also includes new Pokémon-EX, as well as three never-before-seen ACE SPECcards that are so incredibly powerful, players can only carry one into battle!

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Play the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online!
Play Pokémon TCG Online!

The complete Black & White—Plasma Storm expansion will be available to play in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online! Look in booster packs and theme decks for code cards to unlockBlack & White—Plasma Storm cards now!

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